Your emails have speech

Mail2Voice is a mail management software with a clear interface and simple functions allowing the use of e-mail to people with illiteracy, cognitive or motor disabilities and soon also to people suffering from dys disorders.


For the current version v1.1:

- Windows™ XP, Vista, Seven, 8.0, 8.1 et 10, in 32 and 64 bits
- the .NET 3.5+ framework
- a SAPI-type synthesis voice

  • Mail2Voice-Next is launched

    After 2015 years punctuated beautiful satisfactions for the project, 2016 begins very well with very concrete projections and enhanced team.

    The activity of Mail2Voice the year 2015 was rather intense.
    We conducted 9 conferences in communication actions, demonstrations or training. On these occasions we meet our users, their families, caregivers, professionals but also developers. We appreciate these moments of exchange because this is our opportunity to collect your thoughts and your needs, and ask questions that advance.
    Secondly and most importantly, we [...]


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  • Devlog : La réception des e-mails est presque terminée. On s'occupe d'extraire les PJ. On bosse la gestion des contacts aussi.  
  • Devlog (petit statut sur les développements en cours) : on avance sur la récupération des e-mails ! Les briques de la base de données sont posées aussi.

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