IMAP and SMTP settings

Here are some settings you can use with Mail2Voice:

Host IMAP Secure Port SMTP Secure Port
Free no 143 no 25 or 587
Laposte no 143 no 25 or 587
Orange yes 993 no 587

Gmail (*) no 143 no

25 or 587

Yahoo (**) yes 993 yes 465 or 587
OVH no 143 no 25 or 587



If you can not find your solution above, you can consult this list of IMAP and SMTP addresses of the main suppliers.

(*) Note: For some suppliers it is necessary to enable IMAP access directly from the admin interface of your email.
- This is the case for example in Gmail, read this.

(**) Note Yahoo: It seems that Yahoo no longer offers access from IMAP server. Using Mail2Voice with Yahoo would no longer be possible.

fred curieux