The team

Who is behind this software?

Simply motivated individuals to work on a new solution. We are working on Mail2Voice on our free time for advancing eAccessibility.
We describe our policy in our charter.

You want to join us or simply you are interested in developing Mail2Voice visit our wiki dedicated to development.



Laurent CLAUDE

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Laurent, alias "lclaude", is an electronics training. He met the world of disability 16 years ago at detours of his professional life at this time at for development in electronics and for computer animations. He now accompanies people with motor disability and cognitive disability, so it's from the need he described Mail2Voice. He's at the initiative of the project.

Matthieu HAZON

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Matthieu, alias "mhatz", is by education a computer science engineer. Convinced by free software, he is interested in accessibility since several years. He decided to contributing to software and accessibility by joining the Liberté 0 association and developing for the Mail2Voice project.

He takes the development from version 1.0 RC1 to reach the next publication.


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Jonathan, "jmgr", is a french/german research engineer at Artefacto, France. He works on augmented reality and has an interest in Free Software, Augmented/Virtual Reality, Video Game development, and C++ development. He has done a PhD in computer science on Brain Computer-Interfaces and Virtual/Augmented Reality in 2015. He also obtained a MSc in computer science from the engineering school Polytech'Paris Sud in 2012.
He is the main developer of the Actiona project since 2005 and a developer for Mail2Voice since 2016.


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Diana, alias "idiana", is a developer by trade, She arrives on the development from version 1.1 beta1.

Former members:




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Olivier, alias "oliversleep", is developer by trade, he completed the first version (1.0 RC1).



Renaud LYS

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Renaud realized the graphic of the v1.1.
His website: Trait de plume.



fred curieux