Mail2Voice at the Capitole du Libre in Toulouse

2017 Capitole du libre, logo

On Sunday 19th November at 2.30pm at the Capitole du Libre in Toulouse we will present the progress and objectives of the new version of Mail2Voice.

Since the first version we have done a lot of hard work and we are starting to see the results: internally we already have the first beta of this v2.
Always based on our accessibility concepts making our fundamentals, we will open it to other needs for other audiences (dys)...


Cross-plateform (Windows, Linux), internationalization (FR and EN by default), more modern user experience (responsive and flat design), customizable appearance (skins), assisted configuration... are objectives that the team has already taken into account. We will also present our methodological and human restructuring, which will allow us to move forward on this concretely.

fred curieux