The charter

Mail2Voice is free software and free of charge

From the start, Mail2Voice was thought of as free software in the sense of the FSF, that is why it is released under GPL. This is a fundamental point for us and that will not change. Also, we voluntarily working on this project, so it will always remain free even if we assume development costs.


For more independence and privacy

One of the objectives of Mail2Voice is to restore autonomy to people who use it. Through this, we do not want them to have recourse to a caregiver and thereby increase the autonomy to do by itself and also protect privacy. This is why we do our best to design Mail2Voice (Software and website) in this direction.


Community spirit

Like many open source projects our spirit is communal, we seek to be responsive to the needs of our users. That's why we want you to give us your questions, comments and suggestions. A forum and mailing list are available to contact us.
We also strive to beings present on certain public events. We give conferences, interviews and demonstrations. This is our opportunity enriching encounters that allow us to improve the project.


Assured longevity

To ensure sustainability of this solution, our source code is hosted by a third party (Framagit). Thus Mail2Voice would always remain available even if our team had to dissolve and the site disappear.

fred curieux