v1.1 stable is available

We are pleased to offer the new version of Mail2Voice: version 1.1 Stable.

Since the last beta, this version brings the following key new features:

  • importing address books (vCard, LDIF, CSV)
  • management mailto: links in received messages
  • recording sent messages  on the mail server
  • import your settings and address book from the 1.0RC1 Version

... And many more features (see below details).



Download :


Learn about known limitations below

We thank you in advance for providing us your feedback using the forum.


The future :

The publication of a stable release is not an end in itself.
Initially we will be very attentive to your feedback, as we enter in the maintenance phase. This means that if you discover a bug or a material breach, then we will correct it.

But in medium term, this branch of Mail2Voice will stop. It will give way to ... Read More



Mail2Voice V1.1 Stable - Release Notes:

Mail2Voice version v1.1 stable release notes are available on our wiki.


Mail2Voice V1.1 Stable - known limitation:

The stable version 1.1 does not handle messaging with hundreds of emails.


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