And after stable v1.1 ....?

We just released the stable version of Mail2Voice, v1.1.

The publication of a stable release is not an end in itself. Everything is not going to stop there!

As a first step we will be very attentive to your feedback, as we enter in a maintenance phase.
This means that if you discover a bug or a significant breach, then we will correct it. But the development of this version is now your initiative.
For this, thank you to register and use the forum.

In medium terms, this branch of Mail2Voice will stop.

Of course, we thought about a future ...

Indeed, over the years we acquired a lot of knowledge, we have structured our working methods, and also we have been able to identify the weaknesses of the current solution. We are determined not to stop there ...
We want to do better.
Our plans are to base the next Mail2Voice on a existing mails manager software, free and proven. We will add to it our accessibility layer, the one that makes Mail2Voice meets the needs of current users.
Some users benefits we seek are: Mail2Voice portability to other platforms than Windows ™, accessibility (in the technical sense) increased, greater reliability in the management of mails, and many more ... but it is still early to say more, we have work to do!

Beyond give us your feedback on this new stable version, we also invite you to express your needs. We will take them into account for the next Mail2Voice.

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fred curieux